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    en food securi●ty and livelihoods in the region," it noted Tuesday. The locusts mo●st recently invaded South Sudan from Uganda, and the South Sudan go●vernment is seeking funds worth 2k

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    0 million U.S. dollars for chemica●ls, sprays and personnel to counter the locust invasion. The Horn o●f Africa is faced with unprecedented challenges of0

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    food security an●d economic development, with a humanitarian crisis looming ahead. T●he FAO has urged immediate, adequate countermeasures and intensifie●d intern9

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od as 35,000 people in a day, said the United Nations Food and A●griculture OV


rganization (FAO). "The 7
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ational efforts. A swarm of desert locusts invade parts of● Mwingi Town in Kitui County, Kenya, Feb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Y●u) EAT 7

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AWAY HOPE The locust outbreak is the worst in 70 years in Ke●nya, and the worst in 25 years in Somalia and Ethiopia, where the i●nsectst

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bred before spreading to Kenya and other countries. In Kenya●, locust swarms were seen to move like huge dark clouds before desc●endinh

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g on farms, nibbling away pasture, maize, khat, cowpeas, beans● and other crops in hours. Areas like Mandera and Isiolo in the nor●th, W


and Tharaka Nithi in central Kenya, were attacked again after a●erial chemical pesticides spraying. Although the government has spr●ayeU

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d pesticide and other chemicals on a wide range of areas in orde●r to curb the locust outbreak, at least 18 of Kenya's 47 counties w●er3

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